Cleaning Workshop

Thanks to our 45 years of experience, at UltraTecno we know that the effectiveness of an ultrasound cleaning process relies on four main parameters:

  • Ultrasound emission (frequency, power, etc.)
  • Cleaning time
  • Temperature of immersion liquid
  • Cleaning products selected

Our laboratory provides support services to all our clients.  We assess the needs of our clients as well as the results that they are looking for, defining in each case the best combination of parameters to achieve the best result in the most effective and hasty manner.

Ultrasound Cleaning offers multiple advantages and benefits, and it is to date the best technology in the market to remove different types of residual dirt, grease, oxides or waste of your manufacturing process without damaging the parts.

Inquire about your cleaning problems and we will provide you with the most effective solutions.

ultrasound cleaning process


We offer a broad range of high-quality cleaning products distributed under our own commercial brand.  These products are specifically formulated for any ultrasonic cleaner, and are suitable for all types of materials:  smelting, steel, aluminium, brass, copper, etc.  The ultrasonic cleaner uses sound waves which implode and makes ultrasonic cleaning faster and more effective.


  • Strengths the cavitation physical process
  • Facilitates the disintegration of dirt using ultrasonic cleaner
  • Protects the equipment from corrosion and ultrasonic erosion


UltraTecno offers you the chemical agent that best adapts to your needs, the most appropriate cleaning machinery, and the more suitable equipment for your parts.