Multistage System

UltraTecno is a highly specialized company in the development and distribution of multi-stage systems to carry out different industrial ultrasound cleaning processes such as polishing paste removal, degreasing, and chip removal after machining or stamping processes, pain stripping, etc.

Our multistage ultrasonic installations can be equipped with:

Ultrasonic Cleaning, with optional pneumatic agitation for higher performance in demanding applications.
– One or more rinse steps in reverse cascade arrangement, including optional active carbon filter or use of demineralized water for perfect finishes.
Protection against corrosion with passivating or phosphate baths, or water-repellent oil immersion bath.
– Hot air drying cyclone.

Our solutions will clean parts delicately and thoroughly, offering perfect results.

Sistema multietapa limpieza industrial


Reduces costs for consumable supplies.

Avoids exposure of employees to potentially hazardous products, making workday more pleasant

Eliminates high-labour costs through the installation of X-Y robots.

Attainment of a homogenous cleaning otherwise difficult to achieve through other methods.

Our ultrasound cleaning equipment offers much better results to the closed cleaning equipment based on solvents or hydrocarbons.

In comparison with other technologies, it is not necessary to have larger sizes to proceed to their installation.

Competitive prices.

UltraTecno is the only company relying on effective solutions to remove polishing paste without using solvents or damaging the environment, therefore offering some perfect results in return.


Esquema Limpieza Ultrasonidos Automovil
Eliminacion pasta de pulido

multistage system