trayectoria ultratecno

ULTRATECNO is the leading manufacturing company in Spain specializing in the development and distribution of ultrasound machinery intended to provide cleaning and degreasing services of every type of industrial parts.

Since 1964, it has designed and built more than 2000 installations, always achieving total and absolute satisfaction from its clients.

The company’s origins date back to the Company JASO S.A., pioneer in Spain in ultrasound cleaning equipment which managed to employ 70 workers, and established delegations in Mexico and Argentina.  Years later, after the closing of JASO S.A., Mr. Lopez-Verdeguer incorporated ULTRASONIDOS LOVER S.A. in 1984, inheriting the prestige, technology and the entire client portfolio from its predecessor.

International expansion

Thanks to the effectiveness of our results and the quality of our new technologies, UltraTecno has a broad presence in the following industrial sectors:

  • Energy and cogeneration plants
  • Automotive, Aeronautic and Railway industry
  • Automotive Services and Ship Maintenance
  • Machining and Milling Workshops
  • Food Industry
  • Injection moulding

In 2010, we started an ambitious international expansion process with the opening of a European Distributor Network with which we commercially distribute the complete range of our products, being currently a leading company in the European market.

New Technologies

We are currently developing High Power Ultrasound Applications for the industry.  This high value-added technology with an important technology base, has yielded some initial results which may be enjoyed in the market with the use of an ultrasound cleaning machine.  In 2010, and to achieve this objective.

This new development field (barely 50 years of life), based on recent technological advances, is our company strategic wager for the future.

Ultrasonic generators supply electrical energy to ultrasonic transducers.

Buy Ultrasound Washing Machine from one of our representatives.

All of our projects, including the ultrasound cleaner are protected by international patents.