Ultrasonic cleaning solution designed to remove all types of dirt, even the most embedded, and disinfect tools, fixtures, reusable packaging items and components.

Ultrasonic sanitization is an efficient, safe and fast method of disinfection. Ultrasonic cleaning treatment also reduces time and automates cleaning and disinfection processes. Ultrasonic sanitation and disinfecting device creates cavitation.

This physical phenomenon manages to eliminate in a few seconds almost all the microorganisms present such as enterobacteriaceae, Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, coronavirus or even Brettanomyces. More information on ultrasonic disinfection while cleaning wine barrels and elimination of Brettanomyces is available here

ultrasonic disinfection and sanitization

Disinfection by Ultrasound manages to eliminate microorganisms with triple action:

  • Ultrasonic cavitation kills microorganism by breaking its cell wall
  • Detergent. A drop of ordinary soap diluted in water is enough to break and kill many types of bacteria and viruses, by undoing their lipid membranes, including the new coronavirus that is currently spreading around the world. Our professionals can propose the most suitable detergent for your application.
  • Hot water at 80ºC is a powerful disinfectant.


In addition to complete disinfection, ultrasound cleaning has the following characteristics and advantages:

  • Microscopic cleaning quality
  • Homogeneous results: Even in parts with complicated geometries.
  • Automatic process without the presence of the operator
  • Water saving: Immersion cleaning considerably reduces water consumption.
  • Health Safety: The system is safe for the operator and his working environment. Direct contact with dangerous products is avoided.


Ultratecno Ultrasonic cleaning and sanitizing equipment uses ultrasound at a frequency between 28 and 38 kHz, together with specific detergents, to clean and reduce microbial contamination of elements and utensils in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and livestock industries.

Ultratecno has a complete range of ultrasonic sanitizing equipment for – check the sizes of ultrasonic cleaning tanks available here. 

UltraTecno also designs custom equipment for ultrasound disinfection for specific applications and for continuous production lines. Ultrasonic sanitation equipment on production lines offer numerous advantages, since labor is not required and results are far superior to traditional cleaning techniques. A good example is cleaning hooks in slaughterhouses.

  • Disinfection of shared work tools with danger of transmission of microorganisms and diseases
  • Cleaning of hooks and hangers in slaughterhouses and cutting rooms.
  • Sanitation of reusable packaging, boxes, trays, pallets and transporters
  • Cleaning of molds and trays used in the dairy industry
  • Cage cleaning in poultry industry

higienizacion cavitacion