Ultrasonic cleaning technology


Discover why our Ultrasonic Industrial Cleaning Equipment is a product of reference in Europe in terms of quality and performance. Learn more about the potential of high-power commercial applications and their operation.

UltraTecno is a technology-based company with broad experience which has built its reputation thanks to constant innovation initiatives. Nowadays, we are a leading company in the development and distribution of ultrasonic equipment for every type of industrial applications.  Since we started our operations, our primary goal has always been to satisfy our clients’ needs to the maximum extent. Therefore, we offer the best ultrasonic cleaning technology, guaranteeing excellent and efficient results. Furthermore, we have worked with all types of clients over the years, and we specialize in developing customized projects.

Ultrasonic cleaning system

Ultrasound cleaning technology is based on the generation of millions of bubbles in water in a process named cavitation. The bubbles generated implode creating large amounts of energy and triggering the cleaning process.  This technology can be used for cleaning and purification of every type of parts, while it is broadly used in industries such as the automotive or ship industry. Its integration in industrial processes such as multi-stage or automated lines systems is perfect, and so the optimization of the process, since it is a precise technology that needs very few resources for its operation.

Do not hesitate to contact us and capitalize on the fantastic advantages this technology is capable to provide. UltraTecno is constantly searching for new applications to respond to the needs of our clients; tell us about your requirements and we will offer you the best professional advisory services. 


Ultrasonic cleaning and degreasing

Discover our technology applied to industrial cleaning and degreasing.  Our solutions provide efficiency, speed and savings.
Ultrasonic cleaning and degreasing

High Power Ultrasounds

Thanks to our investment in RDI, UltraTecno offers new innovative solutions in ultrasound high-power applications.  Discover how we do it!
High Power Ultrasounds

Ultrasound and cavitation

The physical cavitation process is based on ultrasound applications, a controlled release process that uses high energy. Ultrasound and cavitation

Innovation and Future

High-Power Ultrasounds (HPU) have a great potential for future development. Be the first to discover new HPU applications we are developing for your future commercialization initiatives.

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