ultrasonic brass cleanerUltraTecno has the most advanced technology in ultrasonic cleaning systems.  In fact, we have dedicated more than 50 years to satisfy the needs of the market.  This is why we know what our clients are looking for in our products, and then we design and manufacture our models to meet their needs, offering results beyond their expectations.


Our ultrasound cleaning systems are capable to leave all type of parts looking as new, even the most complex components.  These can also be used for the cleaning of manufactured tools of all materials:  steel, aluminium, copper, titanium, some plastics and, of course, brass musical instruments.


Each ultrasonic brass cleaning system operates exactly in the same manner:  through cavitation.  When submerged, the parts are subjected to high-frequency ultrasonic waves passing through the liquid, causing the creation and implosion of thousands of microscopic air bubbles, releasing large amounts of energy and heat which ultimately remove any trace of dirt, grease or oil.  It is as a high-intensity micro-brush consciously cleaning each minuscule hidden corner.


The brass cleaning processes last between 10 and 45 minutes, depending on the type and incrustation of dirt in the part.  An ultrasonic brass cleaner will never damage the submerged parts.  Unlike more traditional industrial cleaning methods, ultrasounds guarantee superior cleaning results as well as perfect care of the parts to be cleaned.