Washing and degreasing in the industrial process

Ultratecno offers the best washing and degreasing system for the treatment of surfaces, improving it is process and final product quality.

Save money and time eliminating grease, dirts, plastics, metals and polishing pastes.

Sistemas de limpieza multietapa


Microscopic cleaning quality: it allows the best quality of superficial cleaning with ultrasonic cleaner.

Homogenous results: also in complicated geometric parts.


Efficiency:  80% time savings in comparison with traditional systems.

Labour savings:  Once the parts are introduced the presence of the operator is no longer required.

Detergents and chemical products:  The consumption is reduced up to 6 times.

Environmental technology

Water savings: Industrial Ultrasonic cleaning by immersion in ultrasonic tank considerably decreases water cost.

Security and Health:  The system is safe for the operators and their work environment.  Direct contact with dangerous products is avoided.