Washing and degreasing in the industrial process

As the definition says, surface treatment or surface finishing is a broad range of industrial processes that alter the surface of a manufactured item to achieve a certain property.

We can classify different surface treatments in four groups:

  • Pre-treatment prepares the parts for next step in the process. The most common is process of cleaning such as degreasing – which can be an ultrasonic degreasing – or pickling with or without ultrasound.
  • Post-treatment finalizes the process, such as passivation or colouring.
  • Changing the metal surface by chemical reaction and acting as the final coating, such as black oxidising (blackening), phosphating, chromating or passivation.
  • Varying the metal surface thanks to an action to remove paint or surface removal, such as etching, chemical milling or stripping or ultrasonic paint stripping.
ultrasound paint stripping

The traditional method for removing paint is using chemical strip cleaner. This process usually requires high concentration of chemical agent and long exposition time.

Paint removal with ultrasonic cleaner is a more advanced solution. High frequency ultrasonic transducers create cavitation bubbles which implode in the liquid. This physical action speeds up the paint removal process and allows a decreasing concentration of the paint stripping agent.

Before you select the technical solution for stripping paint, you should have the information about the type of paint you want to strip (powder coating, polymer paint…) and the thickness and levels of layers to be removed.

Ultrasonic cleaning for paint removal can be done at single tank stage and then performing rinsing manually, or multistage system, which will provide complete solution for the whole process:

  • Tank 1: Using ultrasonic with hot water and detergent
  • Tank 2:  Rinsing with air bubbling system and filter system
  • Tank 3:  Protecting against rust with passivation bath if needed
  • Tank 4:  Drying

Ultratecno offers the best washing, degreasing and stripping ultrasonic machines for treatment of surfaces, improving cleaning process and final product quality.

Save money and time eliminating grease, dirts, plastics, metals and polishing pastes.


Microscopic cleaning quality: it allows the best quality of surface cleaning with ultrasonic cleaner.

Homogenous results: also in complicated geometric parts.


Efficiency:  80% time savings in comparison with traditional cleaning methods.

Labour savings:  Once the parts are introduced, the presence of the operator is no longer required.

Detergents and chemical products:  The consumption is reduced up to 6 times.

Environmental technology

Water savings: Industrial Ultrasonic cleaning by immersion in ultrasonic tank considerably decreases water consumption.

Security and Health:  The system is safe for the operators and their work environment, because direct contact with dangerous products is totally avoided.