transducer ultrasonic cleaningUltraTecno has become an indisputable leader with more than 50 years dedicated to the sale of ultrasonic cleaning systems.  We have specialized on ultrasonic cleaning systems for more than half a century, knowing first-hand the needs of our clients, developing our systems, and adapting them to their needs, while providing highly satisfactory results.  In this sense, we currently have more than twenty different models of ultrasound cleaners.  In addition, we rely on the possibility to design and manufacture all types of customized ultrasonic cleaning systems for all clients.

We know that the results in every industry field to which we offer our services, depend to a large extent on the condition of the parts used.  For this reason, UltraTecno strives every day to help our clients to keep parts clean and in perfect condition, as if they were newly manufactured, to achieve the best results.

In this sense, when we design our cleaning systems we take into account a series of details to guarantee not only homogenous cleaning results, but also to ensure the long useful life of our machines and to exceed our clients expectations.  That is the case of our ultrasonic cleaning transducers.

The transducers are devices that converts electricity into the movement that allows cavitation to take place.  In other words, transducers enable the cleaning of the part inside the tank.  Cavitation is a phenomenon from which millions of nanometric bubbles are generated and then compressed inside the liquid in the tank, imploding and releasing large amounts of energy.  When the energy collides with dirt, grease or dust adhered to the surface of the parts, it removes them without damaging the part, carrying out a cleaning process far beyond any other traditional system.

A cavitation effect generated at 28 kHz of frequency enabling the creation of larger and more powerful bubbles requires an ultrasonic cleaner transducer capable to support very high temperatures.  For this reason, UltraTecno has designed and manufactured all of our transducers with high-quality alloy materials whose properties include a great resistance to heat: Phosphor-Bronze/Silver.  Only in this way we can minimize the accumulation of heat, extending the useful life of the ultrasonic transducer for cleaning and piezoelectric crystals.

UltraTecno looks after every detail so our clients only have to worry about what really matters:  the results.  At UltraTecno we guarantee that our equipment offers the best results.