UltraTecno is an international leading company in ultrasonic equipment offering customized individual projects.

proyectos a medida ultrasonidos

Our company has the human resources, software and equipment to easily carry out the design, manufacture and start-up of customized projects with any type of automation or concatenation of multi-stage processes.

This is possible through the integration of the following services in our manufacturing system:  computer-assisted 3D Design, stainless steel welding, power electronics workshop and PLC programming.   This enables us to fully implement the equipment in your processes.

On the other hand, the customized development of ultrasonic cleaning solution projects and its subsequent installation require knowledge, experience and management of different aspects of the technique UltraTecno has been improving for over 45 years:


Our extensive experience includes successful, often large scale projects in a wide range of industrial sectors:

Automotive Industry.


Shipbuilding Industry.

Power and Cogeneration plants.

Food industry.

Printing Industry.

Machining and Polishing Industry

Thanks to this we can assure you a complete integration of the installation in your process.

  • Structural calculation of chassis and beams
  • Industrial pneumatics and hydraulics
  • Industrial safety systems
  • Auxiliary systems (dosing, filtering, heating, separators, osmosis, etc.)
  • Automation and multistage systems
  • Maintenance of parts: baskets drums, cages
  • Enclosures, footbridges, racks.
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-ultrasound erosion treatments (hard chromium)