Die cleaning

die cleaning ultrasoundAny company using moulds knows the importance of maintaining these tools in perfect and clean conditions, free from any impurities.  The minimum trace of dirt or the accumulation of chips, grease, etc., can spoil the entire production of die-cut parts. Nevertheless, the mould and die cleaning process must meet certain requirements not to jeopardise the integrity of the part.


Also, a dirty mould may cause deficient results, a mould with imperfections will record them in all the parts it modifies, notwithstanding the type of action it performs: shearing off, cutting off, folding, grinding, perforating, packing, marking or shaving.


UltraTecno has the best method to remove impurities and residues of grease and chips from moulds, without causing any tool damages:  the ultrasonic mould cleaning.  After submerging the parts in water and thanks to a cavitation system, this machine vibrates the liquid contained in its interior by creating thousands of bubbles which implode releasing energy and heat, keeping the mould in the same condition as the first day.


In addition, the ultrasound cleaning machines do not need the supervision of an operator, and they save on energy consumption and therefore on costs.  The acquisition of an ultrasound machine using ultrasound die cleaner guarantees the quality of your products, and it is also a cost-saving tool, since cleaning your moulds more frequently and more efficiently will extend their useful life.