The best cleaning results for your ship maintenance

UltraTecno relies on the optimal solution for the cleaning of any marine element or energy production plants.  Our large custom-made equipment is at the forefront of technology thanks to more than 20 years of leadership in this field, with a market share over 80%.


Our equipment is especially recommended for the cleaning of large cylinder heads, injectors, pistons, exchangers, turbochargers and all types of mechanical elements.

ship maintenance


At UltraTecno we rely on specialized machinery to clean the engines of ships and other vessels, including marine fuel injector cleaning.  For this reason, we use the best ultrasonic technology developed for its application in a multitude of industries, such as the automotive or marine industry, managing to achieve top results in all of them, and offering a planned maintenance system for ships.  This is the result of years of work and research to offer our clients an effective solution to marine maintenance, compatible with every type of industrial processes.  Marine ultrasonic cleaning machines using an ultrasonic cleaner are the best option for ship maintenance and for all sort of elements. Furthermore, large-scale machinery, manufactured with high-resistance materials is specially designed to support heavy loads.  UltraTecno will not have any further problems with the ultrasonic cleaning of ship engines.

Discover the power of the cavitation process created by ultrasound equipment.

The generation and implosion of bubbles in an aqueous medium allows the absolute elimination of waste in all the surface of submerged parts, maintaining the base material.  Furthermore, the ultrasound equipment stands out for the efficiency of his operation, achieving fantastic results with low energy consumption.  Optimize the industrial process and increase the quality in the final result of the parts.  Allow the perfect cleaning of a ship engine, as well as other parts such as marine fuel injectors with the leading-edge technology offered by UltraTecno.  Our professionals have broad experience and will provide you with the best advice.  We specialize in the development of customized projects for all kind of industries.  Please contact us and request specific information.  We will be delighted to assist you.

Easy installation

Eliminates high-labour costs through the installation of X-Y robots.

Best Quality

Attainment of a homogenous cleaning otherwise difficult to achieve through other methods.

Reduce costs

Reduces costs for consumable supplies

More safe

Avoids exposure of employees to potentially hazardous products, making workday more pleasant

  • Cylinder heads
  • Pistons
  • Collector blocks
  • Turbos
  • Heat exchanger
  • Filters
  • Carbon dust
  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Oxide
  • Man Diesel
  • Grupo FINSA
  • TurboCadiz
  • DEUZ
  • Tecsumaga
  • Coterena
  • Feroher
  • Napesca