Ultrasonic cleaner tank

UltraTecno has dedicated more than half a century to meet the specific needs of each and every one of our differents industries clients. We are leaders in the ultrasonic cleaning system field, and worldwide pioneers in the use of this innovative cleaning technique for industrial parts and components. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning with an ultrasonic tank provides the best results, saving time and without causing any damage to the parts.

Ultratecno offers cleaning solutions for heavy duty cleaning needed in the maintenance and also finishing systems with precision cleaning for new production.

We manufacture a wide range of industrial cleaning systems. Contact us and discover our unbeatable services.

ultrasonic cleaner tank

Ultrasonic cleaning tank

UltraTecno manufactures a wide range of ultrasonic cleaning tanks with various volume capacities, in order to provide a tailored response to the needs of our regular customers. Our smallest model has 26.4 gallons of capacity, and its elevator platform is able to lift up to 110.2 pounds of weight. On the other hand, our largest model can contain up to 317 gallons, and lift up to 2,645.5 pounds. We have a wide range of models with different capacities available for customizing with specific set up.

Likewise, UltraTecno offers the possibility to design and manufacture a customized ultrasonic cleaning tank to clients with special needs, as ultrasonic cleaning tanks complying with very specific conditions and requirements.

By purely functional reasons, each ultrasonic cleaning tank for sale, designed by our engineering department, is manufactured exclusively using stainless steel in the structure and the greater thickness of the market, to reduce the risk of ultrasonic erosion and ensure a much longer useful life than using thinner and cheaper materials.

Elevator platform oscillates during the cleaning process and speeds up and improves cleaning results. Agitation washing tank together with ultrasound cavitation are two physical actions which operate together to remove accumulated dirt.

The cleaning process starts with the inmersion of parts into the water with detergent and the activation of ultrasound. Agitating parts can be cleaned quicker thanks to the movement but there is also the option of static platform in the cleaning equipment.

In all our cleaning systems, in addition to the main ultrasonic cleaning tank into which the parts to be cleaned are submerged, there is also an auxiliary tank where floating residue and dirt are separated from the bath during the process. Like this, oil and dirt are more easily removed, so that the part comes out completely sparkling clean, and the operator in charge of said activity can collect dirt content from auxiliary tank and deposit it.

Finally, the ultrasonic tank accumulates the heavy dirt in the bottom of the tank, so that the operator can easily perform the cleaning task and ultrasound power – placed on lateral walls – are not absorbed by dirt accumulation.

Ultratecno range of parts washers can be selected in following range:

Do not hesitate any longer and contact our technical team to answer to you questions about our ultrasonic parts washers and for more information about specific washing tanks.

UltraTecno will provide you with accurate information on the best solution for your specific industry and available standard ultrasonic cleaning tank for sale.