ultrasound clean machine

ACM SERIES: Tank capacity from 100l to 13.000l

Single Tank solution for the highest cleaning performance Our ACM/ICM Series have been engineered to provide most efficient ultrasonic cleaning and lowest running cost, with a single tank solution. All these standard models benefit from technical solutions we developed at major projects.

ACM models include pneumatic or hydraulic platform lift (up to 2t) for parts during cleaning. This swing will increase dramatically cleaning performance especially at heavy duty applications or complex parts.

Exclusive & patented ARF Technology. Results in the most powerful cleaning, while keeping noise below 78 dB (A).

Digital & Synchronized ultrasonic generators 28 or 40 kHz, which provides best cleaning performance by avoiding any pressure waves absorption phenomenon between different sets at large tanks.

The Highest Quality Transducers placed at tank walls to ensure 100% cleaning power always manufactured with aeronautical adhesive welding to avoid any energy loss due to mechanical attachments.

Triple Extra Thickness Insulated tank (including sealed top lid) to avoid energy thermal loss, and detergent steam emissions.

Oil Separation Tank LFS for quick and easy oil removal from main tank by using a recirculation pump.

Multilanguage Color Large (7”) Touch Screen for easy user interface. Full process parameters can be modified as user request.

Heavy duty stainless steel full construction with 50% extra thickness for highest reliability and longest lifetime.

Green Label features include Automatic night Eco Mode, Programmable Heating and US Timer, Electricity Consumption Monitoring.

1. The tank is filled with water and cleaning product (standard concentration from 5-15%) and heated to 60-90C°.

2.  Parts are located on the platform (ACM models) or into the basket (ICM models) and immersed into the cleaning solution.

3. The automatic ultrasonic cleaning process takes from several minutes up to two hours depending on the cleaning application.

4.  Parts are removed from the tank, rinsed by water and dried.

  • Filtering unit or system
  • Hybrid Heating
  • Small Parts Basket
  • Steam Extraction
  • Automatic Water Refilling
  • Automatic Lid Opening
  • Automatic Dosing System for Liquid Detergent
  • Safety Retention tank
  • Customized baskets
  • Ethernet connection to PLC

N- Series

ACM – 350N

ACM – 500N

ACM – 750N

ACM – 1000N

ACM – 2000N

ACM – 3000N

ACM – 4500N

ACM – 5500N

E – Series

ACM – 200E

ACM – 300E

ACM – 450E

ACM – 650E

ACM – 1000E

 Easy Series