ultrasonic heated cleanerEvery part plays an important role in any machining system that carries out the production processes of a company.  In essence, these are all essential procedures for the appropriate operation of machinery as a whole.  As a result, all of them must be reviewed and subjected to quality control and maintenance processes on a regular basis.


We know it well at UltraTecno.  In fact, since 1964 we have been at the forefront of ultrasound technology devoting our body and soul to the cleaning of every type of parts from all industry sectors.


In particular, this section of our website specifically focuses on the cleaning of heat exchangers. We take care of the cleaning of every type of heat exchangers with special emphasis on the exchangers of joints, plates, carcasses, tubular and iridescent exchangers, and also exchangers for loaded fluids.


As we have already noted, all parts of a machining system are important.  For a job well done, all parts must be in perfect condition to successfully achieve its mission.  Nevertheless, some parts are more delicate than others, such as the exchangers.  For this reason, UltraTecno wants to emphasize the benefits that our cleaning system of ultrasound machines offers compared with more traditional methods.


First, our ultrasound machines provide a very deep and homogenous cleaning, eliminating any trace of oxide or dirt incrusted in the parts.  Second, our machines never use chemical products that may jeopardize the health of your employees or the integrity of the parts.  Third, the ultrasound cleaning method guarantees the total release of residues irrespective of the complexity of the part and without causing any damage.  Fourth, the entire process is carried out ensuring a large amount of energy and water savings.  The result obtained from the cleaning of a part will help increase the productivity level of the workshops and the acceleration of the production processes.


Heat exchanger cleaning

All our equipment are certified to ISO 9001 Quality Standard, granted on a regular basis by competent international authorities.  At UltraTecno we analyse thoughtfully every detail. Even the smallest detail is important, such as the care of the transducers of our machines.   Our cleaning systems can generate 28 kHz frequency cavitation, meaning a huge amount of energy inside the tank. A large amount of heat is released, improving the results of the cleaning the transducers must support.  For this reason, in order to protect the long-life of our transducers and piezoelectric crystals from the effects of climatized ultrasonic cleaners, these are manufactured from high-quality alloy materials that minimize the accumulation of heat and extend their useful life:  Phosphorous-Bronze/Silver


Benefit of and try our heat exchanger cleaning system using heat exchanger cleaner. Be confident of a leading company in the design and distribution of ultrasound cleaning systems.


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