Ultratecno has developed high power ultrasound machine for engine rebuilders. Our ACM Series are most efficient way to remove burn oil & carbon dust from Cylinder Heads, Pistons, Engine Blocks, Manifolds, EGR Valves, Turbochargers, DPF Filters, Gear Boxes/Converters, Injectors/Carburetors, etc

In comparison with standard 40kHz ultrasonic cleaners, our own technology delivers 28kHz powerful cavitation, which allows great cleaning results in Heavy Duty applications as decarb, paint or burnt material removal.

Our ultrasonic cleaning equipment range is designed for all engines sizes and types. Ultratecno delivers machines for all engines aplication from automotive ultrasonic cylinder head cleaning job, throw marine engine ultrasonic cleaner up to power diesel engine rebuilder equipment.

In order to choose right tank size  at least 4-6 inch / 100-150 mm free space needs to be left  between the part and tank wall. Our ACM models include pneumatic platform lift. It’s highly recommended, as it will drastically increase cleaning performance at heavy duty applications thanks to swing agitation movement during ultrasonic cleaning is done.

Share with us the size of the engine to be cleaned and the number of pieces to clean every 8 hour shift and we will prepare a proposal for you. Do not hecitate to contact us.

limpieza maquinaria de minería

We offer engine block cleaning services for industry.