Ultrasonic Generators

Unique digital and synchronized technology which allows uniform and powerful cavitation in big heated tanks.

For ultrasonic installations bigger than 3 kw the unit is equipped with a control card which synchronizes all generators. Only this way, the best performance can be obtained, without the risk that the energy produced by different generators is absorbed inside the tank.

ultrasonic emitter


  • 28khz
  • 38 KHz

Ultrasonic Power:

  • from 1kw up to 36 kw


  • Ultrasound on/off
  • Timer
  • Digital technology
  • Frequency sweep (+-2%)
  • 15 power levels
  • 8 frequency sweeping modes
  • Stop & Go Ultrasounds Mode for Quick Degas.

Ultrasonic Emitters


  • 28 KHz
  • 38 KHz


  • Standard ultrasonic plate 400 x 500mm
  • Customized plates available
  • Prepared to be hanged in existing tank or flanged on the wall

Power per one plate: 1000W. Made of stainless steel AISI 316 (2,5 mm thickness). Mirror polished finish to protect the surface from ultrasound erosion, and provide more uniform cleaning.

On each plate, 16 high-performance ultrasonic transducers made of ceramic material ensure homogeneous vibration throughout the surface. Our exclusive transducers assembly process with aeronautical adhesive cured at oven (180ºC) provides best performance without any cavitation energy absorption and longest reliability, even at highest water temperature (up to 110ºC).

Transducers are made of high quality phosphor-bronze/silver construction in order to minimize heat build up, thus extending the life of the transducers and piezo electric crystals.

plate and generator