How to reach the best quality standards

Ultratecno has always waged on constant innovation, creating and developing machinery to respond to the current and future needs of our clients.


The most prominent applications of this technology include cleaning machines through ultrasonic cavitation equipment, cavitation and ultrasounds cleaning.  The technology offers multiple benefits to its users.  Ultrasonic cavitation machines guarantee an excellent cleaning process for every type of parts with the maximum level of energy efficiency.


The High Power Ultrasounds have become a feasible alternative to many conventional processes in the industry.

Limpieza en procesos de produccion

Industrial cleaning by ultrasound and degreasing

Ultrasonic cleaning removes very quickly and effectively greases, oil coolant, dirt from metal parts and plastic, chips, polishing pastes and more dirt from the manufacturing process. Our ultrasonic cleaning technology saves time and labor cost.

Our technology arrives where traditional methods can not, adding value and quality to your manufacturing process.


Microscopic cleaning quality: it allows the best quality of superficial cleaning with ultrasonic cleaner, ultrasonic engine cleaner, ultrasonic carburetor cleaner, and dpf cleaning technology.

Homogenous results: also in complicated geometric parts, like ultrasonic carburetor cleaning.


Efficiency:  80% time savings in comparison with traditional systems.

Labour savings:  Once the parts are introduced the presence of the operator is no longer required.

Detergents and chemical products:  The consumption is reduced up to 6 times.

Environmental technology

Water savings:  Cleaning by immersion in ultrasonic tank considerably decreases water cost (ultrasonic carburetor cleaner)

Security and Health:  The system is safe for the operators and their work environment.  Direct contact with dangerous products is avoided.

  • Superficial treatments
  • Machining and bar turning
  • Cleaning of complex parts with complicated geometries
  • Degreasing pieces with in high productions
  • Continuous tape washing
  • Surface cleaning for next step
  • Galvanizing steel
  • Nickel-plated
  • Chrome
  • Carbon dust
  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Rust
  • Dust
  • Chips

The usual phases are:

  • Ultrasonic tank (28kHz)
  • Rinse tank or bubbling
  • Drying tank or compressed by air gun