Robotized Lines

Automatic cleaning lines for Industry

UltraTecno specializes in manufacturing of 100% automated equipments, capable of functioning round the clock, with stoppages only to fill in cleaning liquids.

There are always projects that require automatization to reduce labour costs in order to achieved adjusted prices.

Our turn-key projects integrate the highest quality components and meet to 100% our customers’ technical specifications.


  • Saves high labour costs.
  • Increases plant productivity and capacity.
  • Removes any kind of dirt, even below 20 micron.
  • Extreme cleaning homogeniety.
  • Shorter cleaning cycles than other systems.
  • Easy automation of in/out-let parts flow.
  • Customized design for any kind of material or form.
  • Reduces consumption of detergents and other chemicals.
  • Minimizes non-conformity of series for quality reasons.
  • Fully automated dosing of chemicals and maximum yearly average working times.

Category :

Robotized Lines

Date :

8 August, 2019