DPF Cleaning with Ultrasonics

DPF´s are becoming more and more common on diesel engines, Because of legal regulations, they have to be emptied regularly, in order to maintain performance. This process is known as “Regeneration”, and allows the vehicles to operate properly. That is what makes ultrasonic cleaning the safest alternative against DPF Removal, as it has the ability to reach into small crevices and remove entrapped soils very effectively.

Deep cleaning by high powered ultrasonics at low frequency at 28 kHz, offers a quick and outstanding results, being a cost-effective solution for services and own use. Besides, saves the high cost of acquiring a new DPF system, by lowering the investment in 2/3, not compromising its functioning after treatment.

The process of most efficient DPF Cleaning consists on:

1. Pre-Clean weight by compressed air blowing after internal inspection, followed by a flow test.

2. Ultrasonic Cleaning, with all the piece submerged, ensuring no air cavities stay inside the piece.

3. Post-Clean weight and Back Pressure Test, with the piece dried.

This process removes all traces of particulates, returning it back to near new condition. That is the reason why our customers are providing this service to more than 150 customers per year.

Having your DPF cleaned by this method is certainly a viable alternative to replacing the entire unit given its cost. Similar results are obtained in EGR Valves Cleaning, as the picture shows below.