Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers Ultrasonic Cleaning

Due to the difficulties of reaching inner areas during cleaning, heat exchangers are not possible to be efficiently cleaned with normal methods (blasting, brushing, etc). The combination of chemical, heat, agitation and ultrasonic power in the right combination at our ACM Series is very successful in removing industrial scale, calcium build up, varnishes, corrosion and other build up on tubes, in crevices, blind bolt holes and other cavities.

The results are excellent, exchangers are de-scaled with no damage to the parts, in the same way we have always de-scaled other equipment such as valves, manifolds, housings , pipe-work, condensers, and other parts. It’s important for best performance tubes not being block, as this would avoid ultrasonic cavitation bubbles at water reaching everywhere as needed. For this reason, heat exchangers must be cleaned by high powered ultrasonic equipment before they are completely blocked.

1. The turnaround becomes significantly faster than traditional methods. it takes from 4 to 8 hours, succesfully cleaning both inside and outside.

2. Water waste substantially reduced compared to high pressure water blasting, being also safer and faster for operators. 

We provide the perfect combination of customized tanks, with low frequency technology, and tailored chemicals for this specific application, ensuring perfect match for your cleaning needs. We also provide full process for smaller needs, using multi-stage/multi tank machines, in order to improve efficiency for additional & necessary processes after ultrasonic cleaning: rinsing, passivation and drying.

Heat Exchangers