New ACM-N SERIES is finally here!


UltraTecno presents its new ACM-N Series for high-power ultrasonic cleaning. We wanted to help industry achieving the best cleaning results fast and easily.

Our 50 years experience allowed us to create the most complete ultrasonic cleaning machine of the market.

A Premium machine with the best performance, savings on operating costs and robustness, available in a wide range of sizes. Industry wants lifetime. Which is why new ACM-N series was made!


New Features


Thicker metal sheet
3mm vs former 2mm (+50%)
for higher reliability and more powerful cavitation
Flanged Ultrasonic Plates
For improved cleaning performance
And easier lifetime maintenance
New Lift designed
To avoid any entrapment
Lift axis elimination
Improved lifting capacity and smoother operation
Bearing maintenance reduced.
The Highest Level Components
For reduced lifetime maintenance

  • IFM Level Sensor
  • Ceramic heaters within stainless steel housing
  • Matrix pump

Fully separated electrical cabinet
According to industry engineering standards
Full water vs electrical separation
Easy Ultrasound setup
User friendly parameters change for
each cleaning application
Increased Ultrasonic power
At large tanks
Machine maintenance from side panels
It allows back machine placement next to the wall
Inset touch screen
Avoiding impacts
Joystick for fast control

Oil Separation system
Deeper for easier oil separation and extraction
New funnel with easy height setup
External overflow
In case of accidental overfilling
and to avoid overpressure into tank
Top lid weight reduction
Light lid
Improved available sizes chart
Wide range of models
Countertop height reduction
Ergonomic improvement for user and logistics


Innovation drives us forward

  • New agitation lifting platform without axis, extra-smooth movement, without maintenance.
  • High reliability level sensor.
  • Resistances placed in stainless steel protective housing.
  • Lifespan x5.
  • Flanged Ultrasonic Plates for better performance and easy maintenance.
  • Easy opening of enclosure panels.
  • Integrated electrical panel, completely isolated from vapors and heat.


Wide range of optionals:

  • Automatic top lid
  • Steam extraction system
  • Automatic water refilling system
  • Filtering system 1-2 stages
  • Hybrid heating
  • Ethernet module


New model ACM-750


Innovation drives us forward