The benefits of ultrasound

There are lots of technological applications where ultrasound has a presence.

In particular, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machines is becoming very important in the industrial world. This is because ultrasonic washers make it possible to carry out deep cleaning work that other traditional methods cannot do by themselves.

High frequency waves begin the cavitation process, where bubbles penetrate all the spaces regardless of the size of the hole, to obtain the best cleaning results.

The ultrasound machines of UltraTecno are used in a very wide range of industrial applications due to the cleaning needs of each client, therefore UltraTecno offers 100% personalised adaptation in every sector.

Practical value of the use of ultrasound

It is normal for some pieces to wear out during different traditional cleaning processes, damaging the pieces to the point that they are unusable. The ultrasound machines of UltraTecno make it possible to eliminate this problem and extend the useful life of any component, regardless of size, complexity or the manufacturing materials.

Thus, steels, aluminiums, plastics, paints, processed elements -among others- of any density can be cleaned using out high-power ultrasound machines without causing any type of damage to the piece.

And best of all, the cleaning results are quite quick!

Within 15 or 20 minutes it is possible to carry out perfect cleaning at an industrial level, where it is not necessary to have any operator present during the process.

For example, there heat exchangers can be cleaned, leaving them ready in 5 minutes.