Power generation engine ultrasonic cleaning

Power generation engine ultrasonic cleaning

The efficient way to clean a power generation engine is with the use and help of a high power ultrasonic machine. UltraTecno offers you the precise equipment in order to achieve best results as possible. We know that cleaning a power generation engine it is a difficult and expensive task, yet UltraTecno offers you a solution where those two main problems are resolve. It also reduces cost to the company; it is a quick and effective way to clean and maintain your power generation engine.

Moreover, it is necessary to consider certain parameters when it comes to the ultrasonic cleaning process of the power generation engine. Such parameters are: 28 kHz Highest cleaning power, temperature at 80ºC and special heavy duty detergent. All of the parameters together, will give the solution for getting rid of the dust, carbon and grease that a power generation engine accumulate for a period of time.

The new ACM series offers you the perfect combination of materials and technology to achieve the best ultrasonic cleaning. It is designed to achieve the best performance in heavy duty applications. This industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine has the needed characteristics for a perfect ultrasonic engine cleaning. For example, our new ACM-500 can be the perfect high power ultrasonic equipment for the cleaning of a 9L20 Wärtsilä power generation engine.)  .This application requires a high frequency ultrasonic cleaning, and our machine its manufactured in order to provide you the premium ultrasonic engine cleaning.

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