Thermoforming molds cleaning with ultrasonics

Industry maintenance of all types of molds, is a highly benefited sector when using high power ultrasonic cleaning.

This application is very grateful, in which very good cleaning results are obtained in very competitive times.Mold cleaning by this method, the most advanced system of non-corrosive processes, allows molds being perfectly cleaned without suffering any damage, allowing a constant cleaning of the molds without any risk,  as occurs with other cleaning systems.




These thermoforming molds belong to a renowned manufacturer of various accessories for milking. Jdelgado FLaco, is currently using the high power equipment and energy efficiency of UltraTecno, after the success of trials and the surprising results, as shown in the picture. This customer has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing a wide variety of rubber and silicone liners, with more than 200 distributors in over 50 countries.

Our standard machines come equipped with everything necessary to ensure the best results with greater energy efficiency and consumption, which makes them a mandatory working tool in this type of facilities for all types of molds; thermoforming, PET preforms, injection molding, extrusion molds… It includes the Oil Separation System with laminar flow, Thermal Insulation Systems, essential for consumption efficiency, and high load lifting platform, highly recommended for this type of parts and reducing cleaning times.