All about injection molds cleaning

As specialists in ultrasound cleaning we want to improve the industry and we offer our technology to leave injection moulds perfect. With the use of ultrasound to clean moulds, metal waste such as aluminium and brass is eliminated, and it also effectively cleans plastic and rubber waste. Its effective cleaning makes it possible to attain an excellent finish on the surfaces of the end product, thus reducing rejections due to quality control.

Thanks to years of experience and research, we have achieved the best ultrasound cleaning results in the mould industry.  The design and manufacturing of ultrasonic cleaning machines by Ultratecno can be used on any type of injection mould.

The benefits of using ultrasound

It reduces the consumption of separating agent, it prevents undoing the first injections due to old debris, it increases the commercial appeal of your range and it homogeneously cleans inside orifices.

Also, the cost of manpower is reduced as fewer consecutive cleanings are required and there is an increase in the speed and quality of production.




Ultrasound applications

Via the production of bubbles using the cavitation process, perfect cleaning of the injection moulds is achieved without leaving any type of residue that affects the quality of the finish.

The different applications of ultrasonic cleaning include moulds for rubber, metal, plastic injection, aluminium, zamak, thermoformed moulds and extrusion moulds.

Ultratecno recommends finishing cleaning with rinsing and drying tanks, to eliminate possible residue from extraction in order to attain perfect cleaning results.