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Engine ultrasonic cleaning before rebuild

Ultrasonic cleaning systems tailored for engine remanufacturing industry

For many years the engine rebuilding workshops did not consider ultrasonic machine as an important device among engine building equipment. When Ultratecno launched the high power ultrasonic machines on the market, this focus changed considerably and nowdays our technology plays a very important role in this industry. In the present, UltraTecno ultrasonic tanks are mandatory on each list of engine building machinery together with line boring machine, honing machines, pressure tester, crankshaft grinding machine or cylinder honing equipment.

The first step for remanufacturing an engine is to extract all components from the engine, from the vehicle hood, disassemble the engine and clean all components. Here is where UltraTecno technology takes part: Engine block cleaning can be done by ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic technology has a lot more benefits than traditional methods, mainly because it is automatic.

Our ultrasonic cleaning system has the ability to clean the automotive engine cylinder heads without the presence of an operator. Once the ultrasonic cleaning process is over, the cylinder heads are ready to be rebuilt. UltraTecno engine cleaning equipment is able to save in many aspects of the remanufacturing engine cleaning process. Such savings are:

  • Labor force savings.
  • Energy saving.
  • Time saving.
  • Water saving.
  • Detergent saving.

You will also avoid the use of acids, brushes, and shot blasting, achieving effective and unbeatable results.

UltraTecno offers you the transformation and modernization of your workshop and business. Our ultrasonic tanks meet all environmental requirements and involve very low maintenance for the equipment. The key factor for this demanding heavy duty application is working on the most powerfull ultrasonic frequency: 28 kHz. Such frequency is needed in order to obtain the best cleaning results for cylinder heads and blocks. Once you have an UltraTecno equipment you will notice the power of our machines.

We know that engine rebuilder cleaning heads, valve seats, valve spring and blocks can be a challenge for a number of reasons. Therefore, we adapt to your necessities in order to obtain the best performance and quality. Since, our ACM-series was especially developed for this application.

For ultrasonic model selection among engine rebuilding equipment, we recommend to respect following guidelines:

  • ACM-350N: recommended for small engine workshops or turbo rebuilders or remanufactured spare parts specialist. This ultrasonic cleaner is suitable for cleaning 1/2 cylinder heads at a time, about 25/30 a week.
  • ACM-500N: suggested for medium workshops or turbo rebuilders or remanufactured spare parts specialist, ultrasound machine suitable for cleaning 2/3 cylinder heads at a time, about 40/50 a week.
  • ACM-750N: is Top Sales ultrasonic cleaning machine for engine rebuilder workshop, with 4/5 butts at a time, about 60/80 a week.
  • ACM-1000N: is a must for large rebuilding and repair companies with production for cleaning 6/7 cylinder heads at a time, about 80/100 a week.

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