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Dry ice blasting cleaning VS ultrasonic cleaning

We would like to compare two modern and green technologies of industrial cleaning: dry ice blasting and ultrasonic cleaning.

As the definition says, dry ice blasting is a specific type of carbon dioxide cleaning.  In this cleaning technology, dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide, is accelerated by high pressure air stream and directed at a surface in order to clean it. In other words, we can say that dry ice pieces are blasting dirty surface.

The main advantage of dry ice blasting is that does not accumulate contaminants; there is no need for chemicals to be used. After cleaning, the dry ice can be recollected and reused or directly evaporates. This characteristic significantly reduces the amount of secondary waste for disposal.

On the other hand, this cleaning method has several limitations. Cleaning with CO2 dry ice blasting can be used only for external surface cleaning. The interior of the part or small cavities cannot be cleaned as direct impact of ice is needed.

From the point of view of the costs involved, the positive aspect is that this cleaning system does not require an investment in chemicals nor waste disposal. On the other hand the consumption and logistic of dry is the main cost together with the manpower and the compressed air consumption.

In addition, a cleaning system working with liquid nitrogen at a temperature of ca. -197°C creates important safety risks because of extreme low temperature operational conditions and risk for suffocation, due to the creation of poor in oxygen working environment.

Important point to mention is that the dry ice cleaning system is very noisy. The high level of noise is caused by pressurized air circulation and also by an impact of cleaning medium on cleaned surface.

Ultrasonic cleaning – in comparison with CO2 dry ice blasting – offers following advantages:

  • Parts are totally cleaned, not only outside but also inside
  • High quality of the cleaning results
  • Homogeneous cleaning
  • Operator presence not needed because ultrasonic cleaning is automatic

Industrial cleaning is a complex area which requires understanding not only of final product specifications but also of different cleaning machines and their possibilities, as well as knowledge of chemical industry products.

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