evolution industrial cleaning

Evolution of industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning is going through an era of change, as manual cleaning tends to be replaced by more automated cleaning, as by industrial equipments. The reason is the companies’ need to standardize industrial cleaning process. There is a need to always reproduce the same results and to accurately quantify the material and human resources involved in the cleaning process. In other words, an automatic industrial equipment allows companies to have control of the cleaning results and their costs.

The operator who cleans manually – even if he does an industrial cleaning using tools and chemicals – cannot guarantee the same successful result in every cleaning, nor the uniformity, the same duration of process, nor the same amount of water or chemical products used.

In addition, the exposure of workers to chemical products in manual cleaning is much higher than in automated cleaning.

With technical cleaning achieved thanks to chemical products and ad hoc type of equipment – such as an ultrasonic cleaning machine – the industry achieve homogeneous and reproducible cleaning results. Industrial cleaning and facilities with ultrasonic technology can satisfy this need of process control.

Let’s look at some examples of specific sectors.

Companies in the food industry have very high quality standards for their products – due to the nature of their sector – and this involves the use of industrial equipment and facilities, specific cleaning and hygiene products and the elimination of any bacteria.

The type of equipment that cleans by ultrasound is able to kill bacteria by rupturing their cell membrane.

In the food industry, the moulds for production have to be cleaned to remove organic rests and incrustations.

The costs reduction that this industry achieves – thanks to ultrasonic cleaning – is quantifiable and all the resources used in automatic cleaning are controllable.

food industry

Another very specific case of industrial cleaning is the exchangers cleaning which, due to the type of contamination, requires the mechanical action of ultrasound, as chemical dipping in chemicals is not sufficient. The exchangers cleaning in the oil & gas industry involves industrial techniques of cleaning developed for this sector, such as the CCM series (Container Cleaning Machine), specifically designed by UltraTecno for the cleaning of large heat exchangers.

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