Foam control solutions that deliver significant savings for your filling line operations

Foam control solutions that deliver significant savings for your filling line operations

Do you want to increase productivity in filling lines? Do you want to reduce beverage losses? Do you want to increase efficiency in your beverage packaging lines? Ultratecno gives you the solution: foam control technology.

By installing the ultrasonic defoaming you will enjoy quality and productivity gains, the correct solution to acquire if you are searching for the best efficiency results. You will have a much faster and higher quality filling process.

Benefits for customers

The filling process implies losses of beverage due to foam overspill; installing this new elimination of foam technology, improvements of productivity and efficiency will be achieved. -Those advancements will be thanks to the increase in velocity of the filling line and the elimination of foam overspill. For that, you will notice a loss of beverage reduction, and energy and water savings. Another clear advantage is waste treatment cost reduction, since there is a reduction of bottle and cans rejection due to under fill.

How it works?

The ultrasonic foam control solution is installed in any type of bottle or can filling line. It is easy to install, since the system is synchronized with the filling line. Holding always energy and operating costs low. As well, requires not much time for installation of the technology. The stainless steel ultrasonic emitter with polished steel surface is water resistant and totally hygienic. This advanced technology is free of chemical additives and will not alter any property of your beverage.

In this video you will find the performance of the foam control installation:

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