optimization of your cleaning

The optimization of your cleaning process for your spare car parts

Is your business dedicated to remanufactured spare car parts?

Do you want to improve your cleaning process?


The workflow and cleaning during remanufacturing process is a clear challenge in the automotive spare parts world. UltraTecno has a great experience in the cleaning process of spare car parts, such as turbos, EGR, air conditioning compressors, steering pumps etc.

In Ultratecno we want to share our knowledge and recommendations to achieve best ultrasonic cleaning results.


  1. Choose adequate detergent. The detergents boost ultrasonic performance, helping to achieve the best results. Our powerful cavitation diminishes detergent consumption, obtaining savings in operations cost up to 85.000 € during equipment time. We recommend PDU 40 for steel parts, and PDU 200/201 for aluminum parts.
  2. Rinsing after ultrasonic cleaning. The wash can hold on several months. However, the water of the ultrasonic tank gets dirty due to repetitive and systematic cleaning. Thus, it is recommendable to rinse parts once extracted. As soon as parts are extracted, they remain at the platform lift, so it can be rinsing with a connected hose in the network. Water will fall into the ultrasonic tank, returning residual detergent of the parts and dragging the loose particles. In the case of elevated number of cleaning parts, it is recommendable to obtain a rising tank.
  3. Part grouping according typology. It is recommendable to use baskets for each type of parts. The parts with similar characteristics have similar cleaning parameters. Grouping by same characteristic parts is perfect for an efficient and homogenous process. The basket contributes to easy use when depositing parts in the machine. As well, parts can be equipped with mobile carts to transport within the workshop.
  4. Automatic water filler. This option is a recommended when choosing an ultrasonic cleaning machine, since controls (without physical presence) the adequate water levels of the tank, avoiding unscheduled stops. Besides, the machine has a security system warning when water levels are inadequate.
  5. Parts with rust and paint. In many cases the clients have the necessity to eliminate rust and paint residues. Ultratecno has design a specific detergent (PDU-40), to eliminate dirt in ferrous parts without the necessity of sandblasting and workforce.
  1. Long-term vision. Our experience says that our clients pay attention to the initial inversion. It is very important to do an electric consumption study including heat expenses, cleaning times or detergent peri od changes. Our machines are specially designed to prolong life-time detergent and avoid steam and heat leakage. Besides, Ultratecno ultrasonic machines are designed to attain fast cleaning results with the cheapest electric costs. The temperature reached from the machine can be until 95 º C. For this reason, it includes triple isolation avoiding heat looses and benefiting energy saving.

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