Today we are showing you a cleaning example of removing paint with ultrasound!

There is a lot of residue and dirt that is difficult to remove, and ultrasound is the solution.

One of our latest projects was to design and manufacture an ultrasonic cleaning machine for an important railway company in France. A 5500 litre ultrasound cleaning machine.

The rail company wanted to remove paint using ultrasound on aluminium pieces. As you can see in the image, the paint is orange.


Parameters and Results of cleaning after ultrasound

To successfully remove the paint, we have used a series of parameters that condition the cleaning process, temperature, frequency and chemical additives.

The first thing to take into account is the temperature needed to remove plastic paint using ultrasound, in this case: 80º C.

The frequency used conditions the size of the bubbles and consequently, the power of their impact: the lower the frequency, the higher the power. Ultratecno manufactures 28 kHz ultrasound cleaning machines –unlike its competitors– with a much higher and more effective power.

Lastly, a concentration of 5% ultrasound alkaline cleaning product for aluminium was used. After ultrasonic cleaning is necessary to remove loosen paint with high pressure water gun.

Aluminum parts before paint stripping ultratecno

Aluminum parts before paint stripping

Aluminum parts during the paint stripping process in ultrasound machine ultratecno

Aluminum parts during the paint stripping process in ultrasound machine


What are the cleaning results?

The quick, potent, cost-effective and easy removal of paint using ultrasound without the need for supervision!