Ultratecno was at the 30th edition of the Bilbao International Machine Tool Exhibition

In the days between 28 May and 1 June, the 30th edition of the Bilbao International Machine Tool Exhibition (BIEMH) took place. This is the most important fair in the industry in Spain, which encompasses manufacturing and maintenance companies, so Ultratecno could not miss out on it.

Increase in visitors and exhibitors

The fact that more professionals attended and that the number of exhibitors has considerably increased is an indicator that the situation in the global industry is very positive. This fair is a great chance to find out about the latest trends and news relating to machinery, components and automation.

As we are well aware, it has been decades since the industry introduced ultrasound into production and maintenance processes.  Doing this means saving up to 85% on working time in relation to traditional systems, for example brushing with detergents or sand blasting, given that ultrasound machines do not require an operator while they clean.

Ultratecno’s time at the Fair

Our company was at Pavilion 4 Stand H41, where it exhibited its ultrasound cleaning equipment. Thus, our ACM-200E and ACM-450E products attracted all the attention of professionals from the metal sector, as they quickly recognised the manufacturing level of excellence of our machines.

This quality is reflected in the life cycle of the machines. In fact, clients came to visit us who have been working with our machinery for 20 years.

Ultratecno has lately observed large growth due to its ability to offer bespoke solutions for large projects .

Thanks to our extensive experience of 45 years spent manufacturing ultrasound cleaning machinery, we have been able to provide very quick solutions for the different needs of companies with machinery for cutting, deformation, cutting tools, the production of injection moulds, machining, etc.

Without the research, development and innovation work of the companies that produce machinery and tools, industry 4.0 as we currently know it would not be possible. And it is thanks to ultrasound cleaning technology that these same companies manage to increase their productivity and competitiveness.