Learn everything about the Automechanika Fair

From 11 to 15 September the 25th Automechanika Fair was held in Frankfurt (Germany), and Ultratecno was there. The fair was a complete success with a great number of visitors to our stand and great interest in our ultrasound. Automechanika Frankfurt has once again established itself as a very international fair. We received visits from professionals in the automotive sector from practically every continent.

What was the hit at the fair?

The cleaning demonstrations captured the attention of all the visitors, given that cleaning engines is not a simple task, as auto maintenance professionals well know. Given that our ultrasound cleaning machines produce great results in a short time, the surprise is nothing short of amazement.

Keeping in mind the difference between doing the work by hand or with instruments, they realize how much time and labour they can save. With that realization comes the question: what can these machines really clean? Of course our equipment can be used for: cleaning cylinder heads, cleaning DPF,cleaning pistons, cleaning engine blocks . . . the list goes on . . . cleaning filters, collectors, radiators, turbo-compressors, pumps, valves, EGRs, carburettors, converters etc.

People in charge of garages are fascinated by the ultrasound equipment when they see all those pieces full of grease, oil, dust or carbon deposits go into the water tank completely dirty and come out a few minutes later clean. And that without any manual labour because our machines work automatically.


Moreover, the prototype of the new ACM-750N has had an incredible reception and our distributors are excited by the innovations that have been introduced in the ACM series.

A successful fair

The 25th Automechanika ended with a record in the number of exhibitors, the greater number of visitors, and another record in the amount of exposition space. Specifically, the event attracted 136,000 professional visitors from as many as 181 countries. Of them, 10,000 people were at the fair for the first time and 82% of the exhibitors stated that had met the objectives the set.