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At Ultratecno we are pioneers in the development of ultrasonic machines used for ultrasonic washing and degreasing all kinds of industrial components, as well as applying new technologies to the design of this type of machinery.

In the previous post we talked about cavitation, the physical phenomenon that enables ultrasound cleaning. What we are now going to talk about below is how an ultrasonic cleaner works for industrial applications.

Ultrasonic washing

There are five important factors for efficient cleaning: low frequency, movement, detergent, heating and synchronized generators.

For 50 years Ultratecno has specialised in the 28 kHz frequency, which is the most powerful, because lower frequencies mean a greater amount of energy produced by cavitation and more cleaning power.

The machine tank is filled with water and detergent, at the recommended concentration, depending on the material to be cleaned and the type of dirt to be removed.

The pieces are easily placed on the tray in order to carry out the relevant cleaning. This tray can support loads of up to 12,000 kg, depending on the ultrasonic washer machine model.

The vibrations of the ultrasonic waves in the water cause cavitation: millions of tiny bubbles expand, implode and release energy. A lot of energy is generated during implosion.

The result is really useful for the industrial cleaning process and maintenance of engines, moulds, etc.: homogeneous and non-abrasive micro-brushing of the surface to be cleaned.

The lower the frequency, the larger the bubbles are before they implode (because they have more time to grow) and the greater the amount of energy released. Therefore the low frequency of 28 Khz is the most powerful and obtains the best results in difficult applications such as in industry.

The ultrasonic cleaners work completely isolated, which guarantees an optimum temperature, they have a colour touch screen in several languages, they are stainless steel made of, they offer the option of an automatic program and guarantee the health and safety of workers.

The pieces are shaken thanks to a lift which notably speeds up the cleaning results.

The exclusive Laminar Flow System (LFS) takes the floating oil to a deposit in the auxiliary tank, this is a patented system that enables its quick removal and prevents the clean pieces from coming into contact the removed oil.

Directly applicable to your company

At Ultratecno we offer a wide variety of machines and cleaning systems: ultrasonic tanks, rinsing, protection and drying tanks. Our technical team offers the option of design a customised multi-stage cleaning system to enable perfect cleaning for all kinds of applications.

Proper cleaning of car and trucks engines, its application in the metal forming industry, in the printing industry, in ship and rail maintenance, for the electricity-generating industry, in engine rebuilding and its use for cleaning any metal components make our company a benchmark.

All of this with the guarantee of excellent quality, savings and efficiency in the process and a base that is ecological and safe for the environment and the operators that carry it out.

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