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Why the cleaning of your rims and tires is so crucial


You rims have the function of protecting your tires and axels from the brake dust and dirt. Your car rims and tires need to be protected against the corrosion caused by this dirt. To prevent the future damage-repair expenses of your wheels, it is necessary to ensure regular cleaning.


If you regularly clean you rims and tires, you will ensure the best lifespan. The cleaning frequency is very important in order to avoid the corrosive dirt and other corrosive materials accumulated on you wheels, ensuring the best vehicle performance.

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The appearance of your vehicle speaks volumes about you. The cleaning will make them shine brighter and it will get everyone’s attention. It will increase your car’s esthetic.

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As we mentioned before, wheel maintenance is crucial to ensure safe driving. We have wanted to find the best solution for it. Ultratecno has designed and manufactured a new ultrasound cleaning concept for the best wheel maintenance. Our main specialization is manufacturing robust, large, and powerful ultrasonic cleaners; therefore, we have taken all of our knowledge and applied it to this new application.

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This ultrasonic cleaning model is equipped with more heating power, a large space on the bottom for contamination, more ultrasonic power (highly concentrated on the rim) and special detergent for rubber. For the best customization needs, you can stop the elevator in the best position depending on the size of your wheels and increase the speed of the platform to boost the speed of the extraction.
If you need to clean a high number of wheels, it is recommended that you add the automatic chemical dosing system to the automatic refilling water. After piece extraction, it is recommended that you brush/flush the wheels in order to eliminate residues from the extraction.

Below you have an example of a wheel before and after:

before and after

What type of dirt is removed? Rust, dust, rubber surface, driving contamination, plastic residues, sand, oil and mud.

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