Ultrasonic cleaning test for the cannabis industry

The production of cannabis for the medical industry is becoming increasingly worldwide. The objective of these companies is the elaboration -extraction- of the cannabinoid component to treat chronic diseases, pain, muscular rigidity, nausea, lack of appetite and other diseases. In Spain, the strict entry obstacles into the cannabinoid industry set by The Spanish Medicine Agency hinder the appearance and growth of new companies that want to operate in the cannabis sector. Being a relatively new industry, it is not easy to obtain an operating license.

The medical cannabis industry is in constant development as is its production process. In this process we can clearly differentiate 5 phases: germination, growth, flowering, cutting and drying. It is in the cutting phase where we have found deficiencies, tool maintenance starts to be a problem due to the dirt from resins and oils produced by the buds.

Currently the methods used to clean tools in the cannabis sector are outdated, which is why Ultratecno has managed to develop an application that offers excellent ultrasonic cleaning results for the industry.

canabis 1

canabis 2

We can say that both the clients and ourselves have been delighted with the results. The cutting elements to be cleaned by ultrasounds do not need to be separated, as they can be inserted in one unique piece – everything will depend on the needs.

We are very satisfied to have given a competitive edge to the cannabinoid market!

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